SPRAT Level 3 Rope Courses & Certification

Expand your knowledge and capabilities to work in elevated and hard-to-reach environments using ropes and associated equipment with the SPRAT Level 3 Rope Courses & Certification. This top-level course is designed for participants with prior training and experience, and those who finish the coursework successfully can supervise teams of rope access technicians performing job-site work. The SPRAT Level 3 Rope Access Supervisor course takes place over a five-day period. Four of those days cover instruction and training, while the fifth day involves an end-of-course assessment. All training and testing occur under the supervision of certified SPRAT evaluators. Click here for pricing information on a SPRAT certification.

The highest level of rope access training under the SPRAT system, this course covers the following information: 

  • Job safety analysis
  • Highlines
  • Guidelines
  • Anchor system awareness
  • Pick-off through knot rescues
  • Advanced Aid traverse rescues
  • Pick-off through re-belay rescues
  • Pick-off through rope-to-rope transfers
  • One-person and team rescue scenarios

To enroll in this course, applicants must:  

  • Be a minimum age of 18 years old, verified by government-issued identification
  • Due to equipment limitations, have a maximum body weight of 280 pounds
  • Hold SPRAT Level 2 certification, with at least six months of experience
  • Accrue 500 hours or more of documented rope access work as a Level 2 technician
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Rope access trainees working with training dummies
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Altius Technical Services is a SPRAT-approved full trainer. We have fully equipped training centers conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States of America, and Cape Town in South Africa.