Altius, Velocius, Tutius - Higher, Faster, Safer

Altius was born on the 12th December 2012 from an idea our founder had to create North America’s first independent, professional IRATA and SPRAT rope access training company.
Since that day in Las Vegas Altius has stood at the forefront of professional rope access training, pioneering many new and exciting innovations including the use of various pieces of technology, newly developed teaching skills and advanced rope access training techniques.

Altius and its training program has become the benchmark by which all other training companies in North America measure themselves. We are the undisputed leaders in the training industry with more dedicated training venues and more successful technicians than any other company in the region. 

One of the numerous things that sets Altius apart from other companies is our dedication to, and passion for IRATA and SPRAT Industrial Rope Access Training. We do not run any operational work nor train courses that are not part of the Industrial Rope Access world unlike all of the other training companies. We are completely independent and dedicated to training.
We are specialists in what we do, and our training courses are acknowledged industry wide as being at the pinnacle of the training world. In fact, Altius is held in such high regard within the industry that many other training companies have their trainers come and train with us so as to try and understand what makes us the best.

Altius Instructors and Assistant Instructors are widely accepted as being the best in the industry due their dedication to the Technicians, depth of knowledge of all things Rope Access, ability to teach to a wide variety of personalities and above all else their humor and compassion.

The process to become an Altius Instructor is both long and challenging and the roles cannot be applied for. Only those Technicians that have been deemed to have the “right stuff” are invited to enter into the Altius “Altitude Program” and have the privilege of donning the coveted Grey Shirt bearing the Altius Wings Logo on each sleeve. This is the first step of their journey which will carry them through all facets of how we train until they eventually earn the right to call themselves an Altius Lead Instructor and with that be proudly able to take their place beside the best in the world.

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