IRATA Level 1 Rope Access Training

The IRATALevel 1 rope access training course is the entry-level operator qualification level. It’s aimed at individuals with little or zero previous experience in environments in which ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to hard-to-reach or at-height locations in order to carry out work. Click here for pricing information on an IRATA certification.


In this course, students will learn to operate the following rope access methods in a safe and efficient manner under direct supervision of an IRATA Level 3 technician:

  • Rope Ascents
  • Rope Descents
  • Rope Changeovers
  • Re-belays
  • Passing Deviations 
  • Horizontal Aid-climbing
  • Hauling
  • Y-lanyard Climbing
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Students complete the above coursework over a five-day period under supervision of an IRATA Level 3 technician, with four days of training followed by a one-day assessment. The course is designed to educate students about the following on-the-job situations:

  • Proper inspection of personal rope access equipment
  • Performing a rescue involving descent
  • Basic rigging, like knots, Y-hang and entry-level anchoring systems
  • Obtaining a working knowledge of hauling systems
Two rope access workers suspended from wooden pole
Altius Technical Services is an IRATA-approved full trainer headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have industry-leading training centers conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States of America, and Cape Town in South Africa.