Is your First Aid Certificate current?

So, is your First Aid-CPR certificate important if you are working as a level 3?

The short answer is YES!

Under the IRATA system it is a requirement that all Level 3's have an in-date First Aid-CPR certificate to work. This means that if you do not have your first certificate up to date you could be subject to the complaints process and sanctions from IRATA.

The Training Assessment Certification Scheme (TACS) document states: Rope access often takes place in locations remote from outside help, so ideally all rope access Technicians should be trained in basic first aid.          Level 3 rope access Technicians are required to hold a current first-aid certificate, which should be appropriate to their work and its location.

Under the IRATA Standard Penalties, Level 3's who breach the rules can have their certification downgraded to Level 2 or Level 1, have it suspended, or even removed altogether so it's important for all technicians to be aware of their responsibilities.

IRATA member companies are required to ensure that their technicians are all properly certified and so could find themselves subject to disciplinary action by IRATA if they are found to be in breach of the rules as well.

Check your First Aid-CPR certificate TODAY and make sure you are in date and following all the rules, your livelihood could depend on it.