Difference between Anchors and Anchorage

A regular issue we see in training is a misunderstanding around what is an anchor so we are going to take a minute now to explain.

The structure to which we attach an anchor is called the Anchorage.

Examples of anchorages are:

  • Walls, floors and rooftops
  • Rockfaces
  • Large trees
  • Steel/metal structures
  • Vehicles

The anchor itself is what we attach to the anchorage.

Examples of anchors are:

  • Steel Slings
  • Hanger Bolts
  • Beam Clamps
  • Fabric slings
  • Forged Eye Bolts
  • Purlin Anchors

To the anchor we affix our ropes or we attach devices to enable a releasable rope access system. Many people seem to misunderstand this so to be clear the devices are not the anchor and as such do not need to conform to the strength requirements that anchors do.