New SPRAT to IRATA Conversion Rules

The North American IRATA Chairman today released an updated version of the SPRAT to IRATA Conversion procedure. This is the document that sets out how SPRAT technicians can convert their current level and experience into an equivalent level in the IRATA Training, Assessment, and Certification Scheme known as TACS.

There is an exciting change in this new version which should appeal to all SPRAT Level 2's and 3’s in particular. In the past technicians who had previously held an IRATA certification, even if it had expired a long time ago, were excluded from this procedure.

That restriction has now been removed and so any technician who qualifies for the conversion procedure will no longer be excluded due to currently holding or having held an IRATA certification.

This is obviously great news for many technicians who in the past have been excluded from converting their SPRAT experience into the IRATA system.

So, if you are a SPRAT 2 or SPRAT 3 and have been at that level for at least 12 months and have also logged a minimum of 1,000 hours since you become one then you are likely eligible for conversion.

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